DSC_0204 Dake Kang is an American cross-format journalist, based in the Cleveland bureau of the Associated Press. Before Cleveland, Dake was the Fritz Beebe Overseas Press Club fellow at the AP’s Bangkok office, and an intern and stringer for the AP in Philadelphia and New York City. He cut his teeth in TV and investigative data journalism at CNNthe Times of India, and Fox News. Flexible in all mediums, Dake’s writing, photos, and videos have appeared in outlets ranging from Bosnian National Television to the New York Times. He was raised in Korea, China, and the United States, and is interested in globalization issues in Asia and America.

Dake obtained his bachelors in math and history from the University of Chicago, where he wrote an award-winning thesis on the construction of Beijing’s first subway. He’s interested in cutting-edge news technology like 360 video, text mining, and natural language processing, and is HEFAT trained and an FAA-certified drone pilot. In addition to his native English, Dake is proficient in Mandarin, conversant in Korean, and struggling in (but learning) Arabic.

In his spare time, he likes to read, travel, and meet new people. He’s best reached via email.