After the Boom: The North Dakotan Oil Industry Faces Uncertainty January 2016

With advances in fracking technology – a new way of getting oil out of the ground – North Dakota has been going through a modern day gold-rush, with thousands headed to the Williston basin to take up six figure jobs in the oil fields. But this all ended last year, when the price of oil crashed – falling from over $100 to under $40. How will this affect local businesses? What will happen to state revenues? Will oil companies start to fold? And perhaps most pressingly – when will it all end? In this investigative series, I ask dozens of people from different sectors of North Dakota’s oil economy to find answers to those questions, and to see where North Dakota is headed next.


World’s fastest bike? August 2015

After hearing about a start-up in Des Moines that claimed to make the fastest bike in the world, I had to investigate. In this TV package and article, I take a hard look at their claims and explore just how a 13 person start-up manages to build a two-wheeler that competes with the biggest names in the business.


With cheap smartphones, mobile data booms December 2014

Recent quarterly reports from Indian telecommunication companies has been showing eye-popping growth in mobile data. In this article, I illustrate the reasons behind this trend, giving readers a peek into the lives of young middle class Indians whose newfound affluence and increasing reliance on social media is driving data consumption. 

Restaurant Industry seeks tax relief, less regulation December 2014

It’s election season in New Delhi – and the BJP Delhi chief has thrown his support behind the restaurant industry, which is clamoring for change. Taxed as both a service industry – since they serve food – and as a goods industry – since food is a good – the restaurant industry faces double taxation, one of many regulatory burdens they are lobbying the government to get rid of.

Lower petrol prices could mean 10,000 more traffic deaths a year, new research shows December 2014