Here is a brief portfolio of my written work.


I’ve most recently been writing for the Gate on the Institute of Politics’ inaugural Reporting Grant, and will be joining as a regular contributor this winter.



After the Boom: The North Dakota Oil Industry

It funded a two week long odyssey to North Dakota, where my reporting partner Sean and I interviewed dozens of oil workers, welders, small business owners, safety instructors, government officials, NGOs, scientists, and petroleum executives to reveal the state of the Williston Basin oil industry after the collapse of oil prices in late 2014.



I interned with the Times of India from November 2014 to January 2015 in their New Delhi office. There, I worked on a variety of different reporting projects in all sorts of departments, from data to politics, the metro desk to the edit page, lifestyle to the environment. Here are some of the stories I broke.



North India’s cities the most polluted, South’s cleanest

This article was the lead story for the Times of India across the country the day it was published. Though it was widely reported that Delhi was found to be the world’s most polluted city by the WHO, other publications missed the interesting regional differences in pollution within India itself – differences that I investigated and reported on.

schoolsIn Madhya Pradesh, a tale of two schools

After seeing reams of data showing rising private education rates and stagnant or declining educational outcomes, I decided to dig further. In this investigative piece, I took a trip to Madhya Pradesh with Pratham, an educational research institute, in order to see for myself what this data meant. What I discovered was a world of stark contrasts, where many public schools were failing their children – because rising private enrollment diverted community money, support, and intervention away from public schools to private schools, leaving public school students behind. Fortunately, another reformed public school seemed to show the path forward. Homing in on two specific schools, I illustrate the trends in rural public school education in India and what they mean.


Lower petrol prices could mean 10,000 more deaths a year, new study shows

Following on the heels of the major 2014 oil crash, media outlets everywhere in India bubbled with enthusiasm as they discussed the myriad economic benefits the low oil prices would have. But I found  recent new research that suggests plummeting oil prices may have a dark side: more car crashes.

US midterm elections see high spending but low turnout

In my first article for the Times of India, I took a deeper look into the electoral process, trying to explain the paradox of high election spending but low voter turnout. What I find is that though the 2014 midterm election broke spending records, all the money was concentrated in only a few specific competitive races – with most other races getting by with little or no spending.

For a complete list, go to my reporter page at the Times of India here.


I interned with the 2p – 4p CNN Newsroom production team with CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin in Atlanta during the summer of 2013. I learned how to write TV script, cut footage, ingest tape, saw how to work a camera, and all that good stuff. Here’s some of the stories and segments I worked on.

Intern Read

A practice run-down on set.

Volcano erupts in southwest Japan

I did all the producing for this 1 minute 49 second segment on a volcano eruption in Japan for CNN Newsroom, writing the script, doing the research, inserting production cues and shots, and briefing the reporters and experts before the hit.

CNNGeneration Y Youth Panel

I pioneered the use of millennial guests (late teens to early twenties) on CNN Newsroom panels to bring in a younger perspective. I found a diverse set of commentators, pre-interviewed them, and helped produce their segments.

India: The story you never wanted to hear

I found and pitched this story to CNN iReport. This story became the biggest iReport story of all time, racking up over a million hits within a week and sparking discussion across international media outlets and leading to further stories and interviews by outlets such as the Wall Street Journal and the Times of India.


I’ve worked on some interesting academic projects while a student at the University of Chicago. A lot of it is related to history (since I’m majoring in it), but I’ve also written some papers on philosophy and other topics. Take a look.

From Beiping to Beijing (available on request)

Accepted for publication in the Chicago Journal of History, my paper examines cultural and social modernization in Beijing from the late Qing dynasty to the early Communist era using original guidebooks published during the time period as primary source material. It finds that though the Communist narrative claims that the Communist party was the originator in the paradigm shift from an old imperial capital to a new modern one, in fact the process of modernization had its roots as early as the late Qing, and that the Communist party simply continued the narrative of modernization and progress smoothly from the Nationalist government.